It can be difficult to persuade some men to put on heels, and it can also be hard to find shoes that fit.


Here are some heel/wedge/sandal/shoe finding options:

  • Look in thrift stores such as Salvation Army or Goodwill for cheap heels.

  • Borrow a pair of heels without backs; it's okay if your foot hangs off the back a little.

  • Ebay, Payless, Shoe Show, or Shoe Department stores usually have larger sizes in women's shoes.

  • Spray paint an old pair of shoes red or pink to add some flare.

If you do not want to wear heels, you can always wear flats, crocs, or flip-flops.


If wearing the opposite gender's shoes are not an option, wear whatever makes you comfortable; your shoes do not determine if you can or cannot participate in Walk A Mile.


If you can't find the perfect pair of shoes or don't want to spend a lot of money, STSM offers a shoe rental service at Walk A Mile during the event.

For a donation of $5, you can rent a pair of shoes to walk in, while STSM holds your shoes. Simply return STSM's shoes after Walk A Mile is over to collect your shoes.

STSM has more than 140 pairs of shoes to choose from, ranging from a men's shoe size 7 to 14.

*If you have large size women's shoes that you would like to donate to STSM for our Walk A Mile shoe rental, please contact us at 803-790-8208.